The 'Teaching Essential Number Sense' (TENS) Course 

Are you on the quest for true 'Mastery' in Early Years Maths?

But could you be missing the most essential ingredient?

Achieving true 'Maths Mastery' starts with giving EVERY practitioner the subject knowledge and pedagogical tools they need to teach mathematics with deep understanding themselves


Learn with EYMaths, and we'll give you and your team EVERYTHING you need to teach Early Years Mathematics 3-5 brilliantly!

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'Teaching Essential Number Sense' (TENS) Course

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Evidence of a lack of Mastery: Too many of our children reach the end of their primary years still counting on their fingers (or 'head bobbing' along an imaginary number line) to add, subtract, multiply and divide; instead of using their number facts efficiently and exhibiting true 'Number Sense'.

Why? Because they've been taught to use 'Counting to Calculate'. Using 'counting' to calculate actually prevents children from EVER securing true 'Mastery in Number Sense'

The Solution: To achieve true 'Mastery', children need the right tools from the Early Years and taught how to build upon these crucial foundations. Learning to calculate efficiently and fluently starts with subitising (not counting), knowing how to use five and ten frames and solving meaningful maths problems in every day provision.

Are you ready to put the the right tools in your Early Years 'Tool Box' and make sure EVERY child is given true 'Maths Mastery'? 


Guaranteed to give EVERY child in the Early Years the most exceptional start to their 'Number Sense' journey!

Hear directly from practitioners who have already undertaken this transformative and exciting training

What changes have they seen to their own maths subject knowledge, pedagogical skill and confidence, and what has been the impact upon the children's progress? 

What was the Impact of the TENS Course when a head teacher invested in her whole team? 


Hear about the transformation the 'Teaching Essential Number Sense' training brought to Kat Bowen's school

Kat Bowen joined us in EYMaths for our termly 'Challenge' and saw such an impact upon her staff's enthusiasm for teaching maths and children's progress,  that she immediately enrolled her whole school team on the 'Teaching Essential Number Sense' Masterclass.
Click on the video to hear from Kat herself about their transformative journey!

We're using with an existing maths scheme

Will this training still work for us?

Great question! Using a maths scheme alone doesn't guarantee your children will make progress. Successful learning starts with  the knowledge and skill of the practitioner USING the resource.

At EYMaths, we'll make sure you become a 'user' and not a 'follower'!

Think of the 'Teaching Essential Number Sense' Masterclass like the roots of a tree.

Investing in practitioner's maths subject and pedagogy means we strengthen the roots that underpin everything you do. In practice, this investment means you will use any existing scheme or approach far more effectively!

The 'Teaching Essential Number Sense' (TENS) Masterclass Course Modules

The 'Teaching Essential Number Sense' (TENS) Masterclass Course Modules

Module 1: 'Scientists and Subitisers' 

In Module 1 we begin with why our children's natural instinct for exploration, noticing and language are KEY to mathematical fluency. 

Learn about the mathematical brain we're all born with and why it's subitising and not counting that comes naturally to children! Learn how best to harness its incredible ability to see, compare and recognise 'number' and crate progress you never thought possible with such young children.

Length: 54 mins

Module 2: 'Counting vs. Subitising'

(and why counting doesn't lead to calculating!')

In Module 2, we continue our journey into why it's the vital skill of subitising that underpins a child's later ability to calculate efficiently and NOT counting as we've previously believed. 

Learn how to align subitising and counting and why there's far more to teaching and understanding the roles of number than we've ever considered.

Be prepared  for many 'Wow-Bombs' (mind blowing revelations!) in this module of the training and to come away NEVER thinking about teaching Early Years Maths in the same way again!

Length: 62 minutes

Module 3: 'Moving Towards the Abstract: Introducing 5 and 10 Frames'

How do we successfully take young children through from concrete experiences to pictorial representations and written abstract symbols? Module 3 examines the importance of conceptual understanding constructed through meaningful, hands-on experiences and talk-rich problem solving. 

Learn why we should be teaching  'part/whole' and not 'part/part/whole (beware of the two part 'cherry-model' so frequently seen in schemes). Teach children to make essential connections between their subitising skills and the foundations of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

Length: 69 mins (plus 75 min bonus webinar)

Module 4: 'Teaching Early Calculation and Place Value'

Wouldn't you LOVE to find a way to teach 'teen numbers so they didn't trip children up and seem so 'tricky'

Module 4 will not only give you the tools to make this incredibly EASY but also ensure it makes complete sense to you and the children!

In this final module we also focus upon teaching calculating in a way that uses children's developing number sense/facts built upon their ability to subitise (both perceptually and conceptually rather than counting) meaning they achieve true fluency ready for their next stage of learning as they move up through the school.

Length: 89 minutes

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