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Do you have ALL the tools you need to teach Early Years Maths so that EVERY child makes incredible progress?



✅ At EYMaths, we're here to give you just that and change the way you think and teach FOREVER!

Sound familiar?

You work SO hard as an Early Years practitioner and you LOVE what you do, but...

  • You spend hours searching for new exciting Early Years Maths ideas online (and perhaps you are a slave to a scheme and don't want to be)
  • You lack confidence and worry that you're not teaching Early Years Maths in the 'right' way (and don't know who to ask to help you improve)
  • You desperately want to make your maths teaching more meaningful so your children stay engaged and learn more effectively
  • You feel enormous pressure to ensure every child makes great progress, whilst giving them all a developmentally appropriate curriculum

We hear you and you're not alone  

At EYMaths, we'll give you ALL the skills, knowledge and confidence you need to transform your Early Years Maths teaching into something you never imagined was possible!

Hi, I'm Karen Wilding

Former 'maths-hater' and now 'maths-lover'!
I'll give you ALL the essential tools and knowledge your need to teach maths in an engaging and age-appropriate way.
Together we'll make sure EVERY child is given the very BEST start to their mathematical journey.

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The 'Teaching Essential Number Sense' Masterclass

The easiest and quickest way to instantly improve your confidence,  knowledge and enjoyment of teaching Early Years Maths! 

Guaranteed to give you all the tools you need to confidently teach:

  • Perceptual and conceptual subitising
  • How counting fits with subitising
  • Five and ten frames
  • 'Number Sense Mastery' with meaning so children are engaged and motivated to learn!
  • And so much more!


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Our IMPACT members LOVE what's included

  • 24/7 support available from Karen and your fellow members through our on-line community

  • Study our most popular courses such as the 'Teaching Essential Number Sense' Masterclass alongside others and with bespoke sessions with Karen to keep you on track and feeling confident all the way

  • Receive unlimited access a library full of recorded training so you can study in 'bite-sized chunks' when it best suits you