The EYMaths Story

Hi, I'm Karen Wilding

I am so excited to welcome to the world of EYMaths

Let's get to know each other better with a short story...


Former 'Maths-hater' and now 'Maths-lover'!

I started life, like so many, hating Maths and experiencing failure at every stage. It was only after attending some inspiring training, in my second decade as a teacher, I realised, for the first time in my life, that the problem wasn’t the Maths or me, it was simply the way I'd been taught.

International Early Years Maths Consultant and Conference Speaker -  Published Author 'First Maths Glossary' - BBC TV 'Live Lessons' Maths Expert 

Fast forward many years to 2009, having worked my way up to Maths Subject Leader, senior leadership and local authority adviser I founded my own Maths consultancy business and travelled all over the world delivering training, speaking at conferences, writing curriculum materials, published a book with Penguin ('First Maths Glossary') and even appeared as a maths expert on the BBC!


In March 2020, Covid changed everything but also offered me the unique opportunity to bespoke my business to what it is today: EYMaths!  A specialist, online training company for everyone supporting our youngest learners. It's the BEST thing I've ever done and I LOVE it!

In the past year thousands of amazing practitioners from all over the world have graduated from my NCETM-Accredited 100% transformative 'Teaching Essential Number Sense' Masterclass Course with incredible impact in their settings. I am also currently leading training with the whole of the island of Jersey in the Channel Islands and have recently been approached by Jan Dubiel (formally of Early Excellence) to lead maths training for all practitioners working with 3-6 year olds in the AISL group in the Far East.

When I'm not writing and delivering training, I love to go for walks with my slightly bonkers, but loveable, lurcher Blue, in the beautiful hills in Mid-Wales where we live.

Are you excited to start your transformational journey with us?