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'First Maths Glossary'

(Titled 'Visual Guide to Math' in US)


 'This book is simple to read, clear and concise and so useful to add to subject knowledge for teachers and TAs. There are lots of ideas to utilise and a flow to the book to help with teaching order.'    

A Elmes

'Lots of wonderful information to help me teach and improve my maths knowledge.
Also, a lovely book for young children to look through.'

S Ryan-Dahl 


Karen's first publication through 'Dorling Kindesley/Penguin' books in 2018. 

(I don't make any royalties on the sale of my book 🙁 so a review from you if you purchase a copy is even more appreciated. 🤗)

Key maths vocabulary and concepts for young children are simply explained in this friendly and informative reference book.

Covering everything a young child needs to know and useful for parents to understand the latest maths-teaching methods, this unique reference book follows the curriculum for Reception Year and Key Stage 1 and provides a strong foundation for maths learning through the rest of the school years. A perfect homework help to support children as they take their first steps in maths and build confidence.


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What's on Karen's Bookshelf? 

'Mathematics Explained for Primary Teachers' by Derek Haylock 


How many sides does a circle have?

What's the difference between a 'surface' and a 'face'?

What are the 'structures of addition and subtraction' I need to understand to teach these essential concepts correctly?

We all 'don't know what we don't know' until we do!

Ensuring you invest in a highly-regarded source of Maths subject knowledge to hand is the first step I recommend to everyone I work with.

This book is available in many editions. A secondhand copy of an older edition will serve you just as well and can be purchased for only a few pounds.

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'Usborne Junior Illustrated Maths Dictionary' by Tori Large


This book is available secondhand . An older edition will serve you just as well.

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'Thinking and Learning About Maths in the Early Years' by Linda Pound


How can early years practitioners help young children to become not only numerate but aspiring mathematicians who love numbers, shapes and mathematical comparisons?

The introduction of the Foundation Stage has led to practitioners seeking ways to teach maths which are more in line with the creative and playful ways young children learn other subjects.

Linda Pound draws on current thinking about children's mathematical development to show how you can encourage and enhance the numeracy skills of any child in the early years by linking maths to every-day life situations and making it a playful and enjoyable cross-curricular activity.

This book is available secondhand . An older edition will serve you just as well.

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