Do you know which essential 'Maths Teaching Tools' are missing from your team's tool box? 

The problem is 'You don't know what you don't know' 

 The key to ensuring EVERY child reaches their full potential in Maths?

Ensuring EVERY practitioner teaching them has strong subject knowledge and a deep understanding of how children learn Maths most effectively 

Introducing 'Team IMPACT'  

Our proven, high-impact, cost-effective online training designed especially for groups of practitioners to learn together

First, Let's Talk About 'The Elephant in The Room'

The way we've traditionally invested in and run our training simply doesn't work


Input Overload 

(Which is then so easily forgotten) 

Most training is delivered over a single day. Cognitive overload, tiredness and half a mind on what's waiting back in the classroom means that there's only so much we can take in. Learning happens over time and as a result of taking action in between training sessions.


Prohibitively Expensive 

 Consistency is everything.

Who will you miss out when you can't afford to train everyone?

Every educator involved in supporting a child's journey deserves (and needs) professional development. But the traditional approach to training typically prevents this from happening.


Wrong Time?

Limited by the timing professional development days? Having to choose which subject gets the focus? struggling to find an available expert or waiting for a suitable course to come along?

For training to be effective, it needs to provide answers at just the right time (and not be expected to absorb it all in just one day).

How does 'Team IMPACT' work and what will we gain access to? 

'Team IMPACT' is not a single course but a suite of highly-impactful connected online training. 

Instead of a one-off training day, we give your whole team an entire year of access

What's Included?


The 'Teaching Essential Number Sense' (TENS) Course

Everyone who embarks upon the 'Team IMPACT' journey starts with our transformational 'TENS' ('Teaching Essential Number Sense') course. 

This 4-module masterclass in teaching 'Number Sense' will give every member of your team the essential 'tool box' of skills, understanding and practical everyday approaches needed to ensure EVERY child reaches their full potential.

Think you already know what it takes to teach children 'Number Sense Mastery'?

Then get ready to have your thinking changed forever and watch your children's progress transform before your eyes!

At EYMaths, we call these #wowbombs

Love to know more?

Click on the link below to explore the TENS course


Emma Edwards, Nursery Teacher, UK

'My children and staff team are now exploring Mathematical opportunities right throughout their nursery day. From self registration to discussing ‘where they live’ on our birthday broad. The language is coming and their confidence is building. They surprise me every day with their comments, opinions and views. #wowbombs all over the place! 

What else is included in your 'Team IMPACT' library? 

Your online 'Team IMPACT' library also includes a set of specially selected set of webinars to help you teach areas such as:

  • Shape
  • Time
  • Maths Through Stories
  • Using Self-Registration to Build Number Sense 
  • Problem-Solving 
  • Maths Outside

Having unlimited access to this quality, proven training means your team are able to constantly extend and strengthen their practice over the year.  


 We're using an existing maths scheme 

Will this training still work for us? 

Great question Using a maths scheme alone won't guarantee your children will make great progress.
Successful learning starts with the knowledge and skill of the practitioner USING the resource. 

A scheme is simply a tool and a tool is only ever as good as the level of mastery of the user. 

Think of a Maths scheme like the branches of a tree and a practitioner's Maths subject knowledge and pedagogical understanding (how children learn) as the roots.

At EYMaths, we specialise in enriching a practitioners' roots by investing in their Maths subject knowledge and pedagogical understanding (how children learn Maths).

This gives the practitioner not only the tools they need but the skills and understanding to use them effectively leading to instant impact upon children's engagement, enjoyment and progress in Maths at the crucial stage.


Claire Roper, Early Years Lead, Warrington, UK

'Firstly I would like to thank Karen for a great session this evening. The room was buzzing after your call and everyone was keen to get on with the course and keep the momentum.'

Is it suitable for us? 

'Team IMPACT' is specifically designed for groups of practitioners, schools, PVI settings, Trusts, local authorities and other providers of educational improvement.

By investing in 'Team IMPACT' you save up to 80% on the cost of purchasing the training as an individual and the more practitioners you involve, the more you save.


Can we join with another school to access further savings?

We actively encourage schools and settings to collaborate and take advantage of the incredible discounts offered the more educators you involve.

Everyone receives their own library so, once signed up, settings and schools are free to train in whatever way they wish.


Will it work for us an international school/setting? 

EYMaths now provides training all over the world (local education authorities, Multi-Academy Trusts, The Ministry of Defence and many more) with our 12-month unlimited access, high-impact but low cost training and the flexible nature of the program being viewed as just some of the many unique benefits.



Emily Taylor, Reception Teacher and Early Years Lead, Oxfordshire UK 

'I initially found Karen during lockdown... I took on lots of her training and ideas and it absolutely blew my mind.'

Are you ready to do things DIFFERENTLY? 

Choose your perfect level of investment and let's get started

Bronze 'Team IMPACT' Offer 

12 months unlimited online access 

Perfect for teams wishing to focus upon securing 'Number Sense Mastery' through the game-changing 'Teaching Essential Number Sense' (TENS) course.

Alongside the TENS course, your team will receive a suite of webinars to  complement and extend your number sense training and explore other areas of Mathematics.


Silver 'Team IMPACT' Offer

12 months unlimited online access 

Ideal for groups wishing to first establish 'Number Sense Mastery' and then extend this to 'Maths Mastery' across the whole curriculum.

Receive everything included in our Bronze offer PLUS the team leader gains access to our incredible individual IMPACT membership and community offering continuous support and inspiration alongside direct access to Karen's live training (exclusive to IMPACT members).


Gold 'Team IMPACT' Offer

12 months unlimited online access 

Our VIP 'Access all Areas' pass.

Our Gold offer gives you and your team EVERYTHING included in Bronze and Silver plus an extensive library of webinars, courses, resources and leader access to IMPACT.

PLUS, exclusively included in our GOLD Offer: Two bespoke tailor-made training sessions with Karen at 50% of the usual cost.


Love to understand more about what's included?

Simply click on the image to download the 'Team IMPACT' brochure detailing all three 'Bronze, Silver and Gold' offers 


Your questions answered

Choose Bronze Team IMPACT:

  • Study the 100% 'Teaching Essential Number Sense' (TENS) course
  • Use your 12-month access to create long lasting impact and deep learning 
  • Pause, rewind and revisit the modules as many times as you wish
  • Enrich your provision with the accompanying webinars on 'Self-Registration', 'Teaching Time', 'Teaching Shape' and 'Maths Through Stories'
  • BONUS: Join Karen and an incredible community of practitioners live for our exciting termly 'challenges' for no extra charge

Choose Silver Team IMPACT:

Receive EVERYTHING included in the 'Bronze team IMPACT' offer above PLUS:

  • Exclusive team leader access to our  incredible 'Individual IMPACT membership' and community (worth £264 alone)
  • Unlimited access to an extended online library of webinars and resources
  • BONUS: Two 'Maths Through Stories' courses (six books in total) and 'The Obstacle Race' course  



Choose Gold  Team IMPACT:

Receive EVERYTHING included in the 'Bronze and Silver Team IMPACT' offers above PLUS: 

Two tailor-made training sessions with Karen (up to 1.5 hours and worth over £1000) for your team run at a time to suit you: 

  • Have your team's questions answered, request teaching demonstrations and create accountability
  • Receive Karen's support to keep your team motivated and on-track to achieving successful and long-lasting improvement and impact



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